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Easing Into Extended Technique:
   Volumes.4  Pitch Bends and Finger Slides

by composer/flutist Linda L. Holland


Seamless, uninterrupted movement between two pitches, a musical effect referred to as glissando or portamento, is a common technique in the playing of many familiar instruments. You have probably heard this technique played by slide trombone in Dixieland jazz, fretless string instruments such as the violin and cello, and the steel guitar in Hawaiian and country-western music.

This effect can be played on the flute as well, and it is generally produced in one of two distinct ways: 1) by altering the angle of the air stream against the edge of the embouchure hole by rolling the flute in or out while blowing, or 2) by sliding a finger on or off the open hole of one or more keys while blowing, creating a glide between two pitches.

For the purposes of clarity, in this volume changing the pitch by rolling the flute in or out will be referred to as a pitch bend, and changing it with a slide of fingers on or off a key hole will be referred to as a finger slide. Successful execution of these techniques requires accurate control of the player’s air speed and embouchure position, and practice of them can be a good way to increase one’s mastery over these aspects of flute playing, as well develop greater sensitivity to pitch perception.

 This volume contains:
1)  A discussion of pitch bending.
2)  A discussion of finger slides, with a chart of slide fingerings.
3)  Suggestions for learning the pieces in this volume.
4)  The Habanera Theme from Bizet’s opera Carmen, a well-known melody arranged to       incorporate finger slides.
5)  Mendelssohn’s Spring Song, incorporating finger slides.
6)  Waltz, an original composition for solo flute that explores both finger slides and       pitch bending.
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