Volume 1 - Microtones  
 Volume 2 - Harmonics  
 Volume 4 - Pitch Blend & Finger Slides  
 Volume 5 - Simultaneous Singing & Flute Playing  
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Easing Into Extended Technique:
   Volumes. 1-5

by composer/flutist Linda L. Holland


The Easing Into Extended Technique series introduces flutists to modern flute techniques that are not typically found in the traditional flute repertoire or included in conventional pedagogical approaches. In each of the five volumes of the series the flutist is guided through the steps required to perform the featured technique in clear, non-technical language.

Each volume includes one or more etudes that allow the student to develop the technique in a musical context, and a more substantial flute solo or duet that is suitable for performance. Both the original pieces and the arrangements effectively blend technical study with musically satisfying composition. The non-virtuosic nature of the music allows flutists of intermediate level and above to ease into these important twentieth century sounds.
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