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Easing Into Extended Technique:
   Volumes.3  Multiphonics

by composer/flutist Linda L. Holland


A multiphonic is the simultaneous sounding of two or more pitches. In this way it is similar to a chord played on the piano or guitar, or to a double or triple stop played on a bowed string instrument. While the flute is generally considered a monophonic instrument (an instrument that produces only one tone a time), the flute is actually capable of producing multiphonics.

Because of the way they are produced, multiphonics played on the flute can sound different from chords or double stops—often there is noise present in the sound, and many times the individual pitches of a multiphonic do not sound with equal intensity. Most multiphonics that can be played on the flute require a special fingering and a uniquely focused air stream.

Practicing multiphonics enhances the flutist’s ability to control the embouchure and air stream. Each multiphonic presents a different challenge for the player; some can only be played with a small aperture and narrowly focused air stream, others require a very loose embouchure. Some multiphonics require a well-supported but slow air velocity, others must be overblown. Through the practice of multiphonics the flutist will develop increased embouchure flexibility and greater control over tone production and diaphragm support.

 This volume contains:
1)  A chart of multiphonic fingerings.
2)  Suggestions for practicing multiphonics and learning the pieces.
3)  Gavotte by F.J. Gossec, arranged to incorporate several multiphonics.
4)  Brahms’ Cradle Song, a well-known melody set in two keys in order to explore      various multiphonics.
5)  Invocation, an original work for solo flute which focuses on two multiphonics.s.
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