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Easing Into Extended Technique:
   Volumes.2  Harmonics

by composer/flutist Linda L. Holland


Acoustical physics teaches us that an individual tone is actually made up of many parts, each with its own specific pitch. Our ear and brain take in all these separate pitches and translate them into a single identifiable tone. The individual parts that make up a sound are called harmonics.

On the flute it is possible to isolate the individual harmonics that make up a tone. This is accomplished by “over-blowing” a regularly fingered note in the low octave. Practice of this technique has a number of benefits for the flutist: 1) it strengthens the muscles of embouchure; 2) it develops greater control over tone and pitch; and 3) it reinforces the correct body position necessary for accurate tone production.

 This volume contains:
1)  An explanation of the harmonic series and how it applies to the flute.
2)  Suggestions for practicing harmonics and learning the pieces.
3)  Silver Threads Among the Gold, a traditional English air set in harmonics for solo flute.
4)  Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes, a melody by H.P. Danks set in harmonics for solo flute.
5)  Chaconne, an original composition based on harmonics for two flutes.
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