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For flute and piano

This three movement work was written for Jill Felber to celebrate her 25 years of teaching at the University of California Santa Barbara. The two outer movements are energetic and influenced by jazz. There is a quote from a Charlie Parker solo in the first movement. The slow inner movement is an aria for the flute, simple and elegant. The cadenza between movements two and three is optional and may be used by flutists wanting to show off some extended technique. This cadenza will work best in smaller halls since the microtones and multiphonics utilized are soft.

Level: Advanced

Sheet music: $32.00

Due to be released February 2016


Trio for flute, horn, and piano Op. 54

(optional cello part included)

This work was commissioned by Nancy Joy and the Allura Ensemble for the Women in Brass Conference in 2012. It was also well–received at the premier performance by Allura at the International Horn Symposium in 2015 in Los Angeles. It is a two movement work (slow–fast) with romantic influences in the first movement and a lively, rhythmic drive in the second movement. The original scoring is for flute, horn and piano, although it may be performed by flute, cello, piano as well.

Level: Advanced

Sheet music: $29.99

Steppin' Out

For six flutes (including alto and bass flute)

Commissioned by ZAWA! and Areon Flutes, this piece for 6 flute players (one doubling on alto flute and two parts sharing a bass flute). Performed at the NFA Convention in 2011, it contains a lyrical "Prelude" followed by an energetic, rhythmic movement entitled "Bop" where each flutist gets featured individually. This piece is for advanced players and is written in a very accessible style.

Level: Advanced

Sheet music: $29.99

Flute 'N' Boots

For solo flute

Commissioned by Jill Felber. Uses foot stomping as well as a virtuosic flute part to create an active and engaging rhythmic treat.

Level: Advanced

Sheet music: $19.95


Toot Suite

Two piccolos (or two flutes) and piano

A five movement suite of dances. Two of the movements "Pavane" and "Burlesques" have been performed extensively across the US by ZAWA! Recorded by Nan Rafael and Nancy Mulholland.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Flute parts and piano score: $29.95

Encores & Ear Candy, Vol. 1

This is the first publication in the Encores & Ear Candy series, which features short, melodic, audience-pleasing pieces for flute and piano. Volume 1 contains “Sand” (G minor, 6/8 time) and “Variations on ‘My Task’” (E flat major, common time). These are great pieces for bringing a light touch to your recital, and are especially suitable as program closers. Additional volumes are forthcoming.

Level: Intermediate

Flute part and piano score: $12.95


PicCalypso is composed for two piccolos and piano. Commissioned by the sensational duo ZAWA! (Claudia Anderson and Jill Felber) for its premiere at NFA 2001.

PicCalypso was described as “cranky and hilarious” by music reviewer Gerald Carpenter of the Santa Barbara Independent. ZAWA! continues to perform PicCalypso, and a recording is forthcoming.

Level: Advanced

2 piccolo parts and piano score: $12.95



Easing Into Extended Technique

Presented at NFA 2000 by Dr. Holland, an introduction to a variety of extended techniques for flute, with written instructional material, arrangements of familiar melodies, and original compositions suitable for performance. In five volumes. VIEW EXCERPTS

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

5 Booklet Set $29.95
Compact Disc (original compositions from EIET): $9.95



Variations on Jaya Bagwan

Flute choir of 10

Featuring the techniques introduced in Easing Into Extended Technique.
A finalist in the National Flute Association’s Newly Published Music competition, 2002.

Level: Iintermediate and above (Extended Technique)

Director’s score and parts: $29.95

Blessed Vocation

Solo flute (advanced, extended technique)
A prize-winner at the International Festival of Women's Music, 1998.

Level: Advanced (Extended Technique)

Sheet Music: $9.95

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